The above statement is worth making again – I am not a musician. I have grown up surrounded by music and been getting obsessed over songs/albums/artists since I can remember. I have never had any formal music lessons.

The content of this page is going to be very weak for a few years until I can dedicate some serious time into my own musical journey. For now the general goal is to keep chugging away at my guitar and I very recently tried my hand at drums for the first time (yes it is as fun as you think it’s going to be!). The outcome of this goal…to have recorded (and published…most likely Soundcloud) an album. I am guaranteed to be embarrassed by this but this website is all about being a “ledger of doing” and this will force me out of my comfort zone and get me to put something out there.

Proposed Album

The easiest way to start is with acoustic cover songs. Will possibly throw in a few “originals” depending on how the confidence grows.

1) Wish you were here – Pink Floyd
2) Dammit – Blink 182
3) Just Like Heaven – The Cure
4) Good Riddance – Green Day
5) Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrisson
6) The best ever death metal band in Denton – The Mountain Goats
7) Bitches aint shit – Ben Folds
8) Here comes the sun – The Beatles
9) Blowin in the wind – Bob Dylan
10) Everybody wants to rule the world – Tears for fears
11) Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
12) Skinny Love – Bon Iver
13) Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
14) Ho Hey – The Lumineers