About Me

I struggle at triathlon, photography, coding and guitar. I’m good at my day job working in a bank.

My current areas of focus are learning Python, general web development, advancing at guitar, learning how to hold drumsticks, taking more photos and training for Half-Ironman. I recently self-published a book on Amazon about trying to qualify for World Triathlon Champs.

See what i’m currently up to on my now page.

"Done is better than perfect" - Peter McKinnon

I’m an amateur at all of my passions and tend to spend more time reading and thinking about projects than actually doing anything. This website is my “ledger of done”…and once it’s done who says it can’t be made perfect.

If you have any feedback please email me at ‘kevin at kevinclelland dot com’, contact me via the social media links provided or submit your email address to be notified of any updates.