My Website Portfolio

I am a self-taught and part time coder and only really code over the odd weekend or evening when the bug bites. My skills are getting better but i am still very new to this.

I started as a youngster back in the days of Geocities and then moved onto WordPress which isn’t coding but it is a stepping stone on the path to web developer. I am still playing around in the front-end single page sites. I will keep honing my skills before moving onto a framework and full-stack.

Apart from these I have a long list of sites that I would like to build. I will hopefully start getting to these soon.

Aero Oats

Quick and dirty vanilla HTML, CSS and JS. Triathlon ranking calculator in the tools section as well as absorbing the “Time Distance Pace” project below. Aero Oats is a Triathlon newsletter I run.

Product Owner Guide

Use Astro framework to build somewhat of an “Indie Hackers” inspired website to help a Product Owner get up to speed with their career. Have several blog posts up but project just parked until I have some more time.

A website to calculate running time, distance and pace. Built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I relied on maths to get around my relatively poor coding ability and built a working version in Excel first. I am always wondering “how many minutes per km is a 38min 10km, if I can sustain 3:50/km how fast will my half marathon be”…there are several apps/websites out there to do this but I wanted to make one that was easier to use, without adverts and several other features. Next step is to add a Triathlon specific option incorporating swim and bike speed/paces.

Afternoons & Coffeespoons

A JAMStack site using NODE.JS, Eleventy and Netlify. Full build process automated through GITHUB. Still need to add relevant API’s.

Humphrey and Hunter

Back into WordPress to experiment with WooCommerce and dropshipping. Dropshipping is quite difficult in RSA so will go international to get a fully automated solution. Main content of website is around English Springer Spaniel dogs and going on holiday with a dog.

Was meant to be a soccer results website using an API. Now it’s where i’ve parked RugbyStrat…a dice based rugby game. Quite heavy on Javascript. Introduced PHP and JSON to handle the top score list.

Life Check

More vanilla Javascript but playing with checkboxes. There’s that story about someone asking you to pick up 10 pebbles and then to throw away 1 pebble for every 10 years you’ve lived. What you’re left with is the number of years you have left…so make the most of it!

A simple countdown website providing the “time till” various   upcoming events. The domain is as I wanted it to be mostly relevant to the South African audience. I used Bootstrap 4 along with basic HTML, CSS and Javascript. Introduced some “Applied Visual Design” ideas from FreeCodeCamp – specifically the split complementary colours. I need to spend some time working out how to update the various dates on the events better – right now I have to go into the code and add a new date each time an event passes.

A fun small project using CSS and a bit of HTML. I was fascinated that a heart in CSS is effectively 3 squares (well one square with the before and after pseaudo class!). I loved the idea of the three separate elements coming together to form a heart and it felt a bit like a ‘love story’.

This was built as a tool for paddlers to calculate their pace – similar to This is a simpler version but is slightly difference because it deals with speed(km/h) rather than pace(min/km).

coming soon

coming soon

(Discontinued) A website aiming to be “Facebook for horse riders”. I used WordPress. I ended up discontinuing this due to the project being way too big for my ability – I got it up and running with the help of WordPress but I was too far removed from the code to be able to do anything meaningful.

(Discontinued) A website aimed at introducing non-techie people to the world of eSorts. I used WordPress. Discontinued as I didn’t know enough about eSports myself and would rather spend the time learning to code than learning about the subject I’m supposed to be an “expert” in.

Other Coding

Apart from web development i have done a SQL course on Udemy and am currently getting my head around Python using DataCamp.