Birds from home

Here are the birds from home while I work from home.

The rules are: Must be seen from the borders of the garden and must be photographed.


Burchells Coucal (rainbird). Seen weekly.
Crested Barbet. Seen weekly.

Egyptian goose. Seen daily.
Common Myna. Seen often.
Bronze Mannikin. Seen often.
Common Fiscal (Jackie Hangman). Seen daily.

Dark-capped Bulbul. Seen daily but shy.
Natal Spurfowl. Seldom seen but heard daily.
Cape Glossy Starling. Seen weekly.
Thick billed weaver.

Woolly Necked Stork
Cape Turtle Dove. Seen daily.
Black Headed Heron. Seen leaving before sunrise daily.
Speckled mousebird. Seen often but very shy.

Hadeda Ibis. Seen daily.
Laughing Dove. Seen daily.
Village Weaver. Seen daily.
Pied Crow. Seen weekly.

Black-Collared Barbet. Seen rarely.
Speckled Pigeon. Seen weekly.
Black Sparrowhawk. Seen rarely.
House Sparrow. Seen weekly.

Long-crested eagle
Red-throated wryneck
Helmeted guineafowl

Pin-tailed whydah
Southern Red Bishop
Red-Billed Quelea. Breeding male center
Southern Black Tit
Southern Black Tit

Purple-Crested Turaco
Dusky Indigobird
Spotted Eagle-Owl

Rock Dove
Yellow Billed Kite
Violet-backed Starling


Chris vd Berg
April 21, 2020 at 2:48 pm

Kevin great pics. Cant see the bishop?

    April 25, 2020 at 9:01 am

    Chris we haven’t seen the Red Bishop’s in months. We also haven’t seen the Pin-Tailed Whydah for a long time. Some notable birds missing so far but hoping to keep adding as we spot them.

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